Pisco Cocktails & Drinks

Den alkoholbaserede, peruvianske drik Pisco er efterhånden verdenskendt – og med god grund. Den indgår i cocktailsne Pisco Punch, Pisco Sour, El Capitán, El Chilcano, El Canario og Mata Chola, der serveres på barer og natklubber rundt omkring over hele verden.

Her kan du finde alle cocktails & drinks, du kan lave med den versatile pisco.

  1. Chicha Sour

    Chicha Sour
    Bartender: Roberto Cuadra.
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  2. Bel Paese


    Mixologist:  Morten Krag (Thecocktail.blog)


    • 3 cl Sicilian Blood Orange Gin (@malfygin )
    • 1.5 cl
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  3. Ceviche Sour


    Bartender: Erwan Le Bonniec
    Bar: Kester Thomas
    Copenhaguen, Denmark

    The bar and the restaurant industry have so much in co

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  4. Pisco The Reviver


    Mixologist: Morten Krag fra The Cocktail Blog

    Han har fået hans første flaske Pisco Quebranta "Tres Generaciones" og har lavet underværker med den, her hans opskrift af Pisco The Reviver"

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  5. Pisco Sour



    Pisco sour was invented by Victor Morris at his bar ‘The Morris Bar in Lima. While preparing the English ‘sour they ran out of whisky and used Pisco instead and modified the recipe. And though Chile also claims to have i

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  6. Pisco Manhattan: El Capitán

    El Capitán

    el capitan

    El Capitán is a famous Peruvian cocktail that closely resembles the Manhattan. At Capitán Meléndez in Lima, bartender Roberto Meléndez stirs pisco with sweet vermouth and garnishes with green olives, but his friend Nico Vera prefers a route more akin to the Perfect Manhattan with a split base of sweet and dry vermouth. “An Acholado pisco with blended grape varietals makes the drink more complex, but still very spirit-forward,” Vera says. Green olives are a must because, according to Meléndez, a bite of an olive inv

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  7. Chilcano



    The famous bartender Roberto Melendez argues that the Chilcano was born with the Italian immigration in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. He says that the migrants used to drink a drink called ‘buon giorno’ (good morning) – known as a restorative for bad nights. This was made with grappa (grappe brandy) and ginger ale. Then, upon arriving in Peru, they replaced the grappa with Pisco.


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  8. El Canario


    el canario

    Cocktail: Canario
    Bartender: Hans Hilbur Vivar
    Bar: El Pisquerito 
    (Lima, PERU)


    • 2 oz. Pisco Acholado
    • 4 oz. Fresh orange juice
    • Half a slice of orange for decoration
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  9. Mata Chola

    Mata Chola – The Peruvian Kamikaze

    This cocktail was born in Cusco, and it is made with green apple and mint. We use a fine liqueur of green apples and Pisco Torontel. The story is born in a patronal feast where in a canteen a group of cholitas (paisanas) consumed a delicious chicha made with green apples, and they were very happy consuming this delicious brew, a perfect Mata chola.

    Cocktail : Mata chola
    Bartender: Mario Sandoval Romero
    (Rest. Bohemia, Miraflores)

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  10. Pisco Negroni: Oro en Paz



    “The name Oro en Paz comes from the light gold color of the cocktail,” Vera says. “Pisco was the spirit of choice during San Francisco’s Gold Rush era, and I was reminded of the city’s motto: Oro en Paz, Fierro en Guerra, or Gold in Peace, Iron in War.”


    • 1 oz. Pisco Acholado 
    • 1 oz. Carpano Bianco
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